Sunday, 27 October 2013

Chocolate Ice Cream Pt 2

The finished product, much anticipated by the 2 men of the house!
I can tell you from experience 16 year old boys do not like ... to be kissed or hugged in public, they are too old for that stuff!  However they are never too old to lick the spoon, beaters, bowl or other baking implements!
When the custard is cold take from the fridge and put into your ice cream maker, this is a $30 one that is about 10 years old, stick the bowl in the freezer type, I await the new don't stick the bowl in the freezer one I have on order from Cuisinart, waiting, waiting, waiting!  Follow the manufacturers instructions, should only take about 20 mins of churning.  Put into plastic container, seal and put into the freezer for no less than an hour.  Serve and hope you have enough for the hungry hoard!


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