Saturday, 31 January 2015

Chocolate ripple cake

For those Aussies that read my blog you will know what I am talking about by the title alone and I know you will understand when I say I only managed one photo as there was not a lot left.  One of my brother's favourite desserts is the good old Chocolate Ripple Cake. 

For those from locales other than Australia let me just tell you there is no cooking involved in today's blog!  And well no cake either!  I see you scratching your heads and looking blankly at the computer.

I myself have done this with many American recipes for years, take the good ole Refrigerator cake... I have wondered about it for years, I watched a Martha Bakes show recently and well I can now say I have been making these for years!

I have a small problem in my house.  I cannot keep a packet of Chocolate Ripple biscuits in my house.  I do have to leave strict instructions that they cannot be eaten and why or I come home and they are gone.

If I can keep a pack I open them about 48 hours before I plan to make this just to allow them to soften and go a little stale.  I make the cake 24 hours before and leave it in the fridge, this allows the moisture in the cream to soften the biscuits to a cake like texture.

This is a simple cake you just use 1 packet of dry biscuits of your choice, chocolate or chocolate chip are good, 600ml of whipped cream, you can add 1 tablespoon of sugar and some vanilla to the cream if you wish.

I place a thin layer of cream of the serving plate, then start placing a layer of cream on the biscuits and stack them, a bit like making a cream and bickie tower.  Lay the tower on its side and keep going.  For this cake at home I lay them out like in the packet, in three rows side by side.  You then cover the bickies in the remaining cream, making sure there are no bickies poking out or showing.

Cover your cake in a little foil dome that doesn't touch the cream and refrigerate for 24 hours.

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