Saturday, 4 July 2015

Freezer Meals, Cakes and Treats.

I was having a look through some old posts this week and noticed that a lot of my posts are of things that can be frozen and re heated later or cooked when defrosted.  So I thought it might be handy if I put them all into one place for you to browse through.

I have put the recipe links in categories to make it a bit easier.  

I double my batches for a lot of things and what I am not going to use then I will freeze for later. Freezing is a great way of using up food that is close to use by and if you get a great special on bulk meat for vegetables.

Party Foods.



These soups and any soups really can be put into zip loc bags, make sure there is no air in the bag when you seal it and lay flat on a tray in the freezer until frozen then you can stack for easy storage.


All mains can be frozen in these fantastic foil containers.  Cool the food and when cold place the paper lid on the container and write the meal name the time for cooking/reheating and the temperature to cook at.  This allows for easily finding and cooking meals.  Fool proof for most people, well most people will read the instructions when they pull stuff out of the freezer normally.


Cakes and Cookies.

Cakes and cookies are fantastic to freeze and pull out when you have guests coming at short notice.  Or if you just feel like something sweet but cannot be bothered cooking.  When freezing cakes wrap in Baking paper once cool and then cling wrap them tightly, freeze on a tray or flat surface, stack when frozen.  Cookies place them on a lined baking tray as dough balls and freeze, bag in a zip loc bag when frozen.

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