Saturday, 23 July 2016

Mango Mousse

No fancy photos today, if I didn't take the photo there and then it was gone!

Such a quick and easy dessert to make and so satisfying to eat.  Great for the family or a dinner party.  You can use fresh when in season or frozen mango during winter.

500 gm mango, defrosted if using frozen
2 sheets gelatin, soaked
200 ml cream, whipped
whipped cream and mango chunks for decorating

Soak your gelatin in cold water for 5 minutes.

Blitz your mango in the food processor until you have a nice smooth puree.

Heat half a cup of the puree and dissolve your gelatin sheets.  Stir gelatin mixture into the rest of the puree.

Whip your cream.

Fold the whipped cream through the puree.  Now don't worry if this looks a little runny it is going to set in the fridge.

Spoon into serving glasses or bowls.

Serve with whipped cream and left over chunks of mango.


  1. I hardly ever use gelatin but you have made this look so good. Thanks for sharing with YWF too.

    1. Thanks Vicki, I never used to like using it however it is handy and this is a just set mousse so this amount doesnt make it go hard.

  2. Wow, this looks good. Just can't wait for summer to arrive to get my hands on some fresh mangoes. Bookmarking this one for sure!

    1. Thanks Dhanya, I am drooling over a tomato tart at the moment and cannot wait for summer and ripe tomatoes :D