Saturday, 28 September 2013


Most baking recipes call for Vanilla.  Most use Vanilla extract or Vanilla essence, some call for a Vanilla pod/seeds.  I myself prefer the pod/seeds, some may call me pedantic well most would and The Mister would call me other things as well but I won't go there...

I personally don't like Vanilla essence! The only place it has in my house is to clean the fridge.  When baking or cooking I much prefer the pod/seeds.  I found in the supermarket a couple of years ago a little jar of the glorious black specks, Queen's Organic Vanilla bean paste.  I use it in place of the old Vanilla essence in cooking and baking.  I always have a jar in the cupboard and unlike real Vanilla bean pods it doesn't dry out and get nasty if you don't use it quickly.

I still use the beans but only buy them if I am making something like a Vanilla bean ice cream or a custard.

I recommend trying the paste and if you are doing whipped cream seeing the little black specks makes it all the nicer.

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