Saturday, 21 September 2013

Welcome, stay awhile ...

Welcome to my blog.  Forgive me in advance for any mistakes I make, hey I'm new to this!

With this page I will be posting about life, food and fun.  The family will get a mention once in a while, much
to their possible dislike.

The family include...

The Mister aka Scott,  The Boy, also known at the 16 year old aka Jonathan and The cat aka Darla, LaLa or The Evil Kitty.

The family is the food crash test dummies of my world.  Most of the time they love what I make, but sometimes we have a fail and I get asked not to make THAT again.

We have a Boyless weekend and Scott has gone to the Rodeo locally to take photos, so I am left to potter around the house.  I have changed up the weekly Menu Plan when I went to the green grocers, not a lot of change but enough to suit the great Veg that happened to find their way into the basket.

There will be many recipes tested over the Summer and some will be posted here (the successful ones of course) hopefully you will enjoy my offerings and try some of the recipes yourself.  Let me know how you go, if you like it or even if you changed it up successfully.  I love feedback and comments so feel free to let me know your thoughts.


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