Saturday, 1 October 2016

Treats for Christmas Gift Boxes

I belong to a Facebook group of lovely ladies and some gents that love to cook/bake, a number of members have been asking lately for recipes for things to put in Xmas treat boxes they will be making up for family, friends, school or work.

I did this last year and the treat boxes went down a treat!

Last year I put chocolate coconut balls, speclass cookies, chocolate spritz cookies, butter cookies and a chocolate candy cane bark.

I used a little xmas type paper box from the local party store and made them for each family so depending on the size of the family was how many of each.  I put the different items in little cellophane bags and tied with a little Xmas ribbon.

Most of these cookies etc you can make in advance and freeze then pop them in the oven the night before,  this will allow you to make them now and get a bit of a jump on the Xmas season.

Click on the link below the pictures to go to the recipes for each item.

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