Saturday, 12 November 2016

Chocolate Malted Milk Cheesecake

I love the combination of chocolate and malt. From a choc malt milkshake to a bag of those yummy round little balls of choc malt goodness you get in the lolly aisle of the supermarket.

I have been thinking about making a no bake cheesecake like this one for a while, when family comes for a visit is the perfect time to make it!

Scott's Aunt and Uncle came for a visit on Cup Day on their way around Australia in their Caravan.  I made a nice slap up dinner and this cheesecake as a treat,  I know from experience that there is not a lot of room in a caravan to do meals such as I made.

130 gm Oreo's
40 gm butter, melted
3 leaves gelatin, gold strength or 7 gm powdered
50 ml hot water
100 gm dark chocolate, melted
100 gm milk chocolate, melted
3 tablespoons malted milk powder
3 x 250 gm cream cheese
3/4 cup caster sugar
300 ml cream, whipped

Blitz the oreos until crumbs and add melted butter while motor is running.

Press crumb mix into the base of a lined cake tin.  Refrigerate until ready to use and base set.

In the bowl of your mixer place cream cheese and sugar, beat until smooth.

In separate bowls melt your chocolates.  Allow to cool to room temp.  At the same time melt your softened gelatin in the hot water and set aside to cool.

When you have a nice smooth cheese mix beat in the cooled gelatin.

Whip your cream but do not over whip it or it will be grainy.

Fold together the cheese mix and whipped cream.

Divide your cheese mix in thirds between the two chocolates and a third for the malted milk section.

I left my dark chocolate to cool a little too much and it ended up with flecks of chocolate through it as well.  Almost like chocolate chips.

Gently spread the dark chocolate mix over the base and set aside.

Mix the malted milk powder through the cheese mix until smooth.

Spread over the dark chocolate layer.  Repeat with the milk chocolate layer over the top.  Refrigerate for a minimum of 6 hours.  


Serve with berries if desired.

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