Saturday, 5 November 2016

Raspberry Bavarois

I have a room full of cookbooks that I buy and love.  I have made a vow to try and make at least one recipe from each cookbook that I have not previously made before, over the next 12 months. 

This recipe is from Manu's French cookbook.  Love this book and I have made others from this book before, however have always wanted to make this one.

I used frozen raspberries however you could use fresh when in season and cheaper.  You could if making this for a dinner party, add some Chombord (raspberry liqueur) to this for adults only.

I learnt the difference between the different strengths of gelatin sheets today.  Silver is the lowest strength, the same as the gelatin powder, gold is slightly stronger and titanium is double strength.

50 ml water
80 gm caster sugar
150 gm raspberries (defrosted if using frozen)
2 leaves gold gelatin (5 gm powdered) soaked
150 ml cream, whipped
raspberries and whipped cream for serving

Place the sugar and water in a saucepan and heat until the sugar is dissolved.

Soak your gelatin in cold water when soft squeeze out excess water and place in hot sugar water.

Stir until gelatin is dissolved.

Place raspberries in food processor,  blend until smooth.  Pour hot sugar mix through feed tube with motor running.  

Place raspberry mix in a bowl and set aside to cool.

When the raspberry mix is cool, whip the cream to soft peaks do not over whip or it will be grainy.

Stir the cream and raspberry mix together until completely combined.

Pour into 4 serving glasses, giving a little swirl and tap to smooth out and chill for 4 hours until set.

Serve with a dollop of whipped cream and raspberries.


  1. These look absolutely delicious!

  2. Oh these look lovely and I like the way you are going through your cook books, I should do the same!