Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Pretzel Turtles

I made these the other day with Jersey Caramels and wasn't happy with how they turned out.  So I thought I would try them with the Werther's Chewy Caramels, well do you think I could find them?  Nope 3 different types of supermarket and no joy!

I thought I would try the Werther's Eclairs, so I am standing in the kitchen after work just whipping up another batch for the blog, kind of in the zone and I had one of those Ah Ha moments.

Amanda you could use Columbine's! or stick to the Eclair's either way caramel is caramel yummmmo!

1 bag of Caramels type of your choice as discussed above.
Equal amount of Pretzels (must be the twisty ones)
Equal amount of Pecans
Dark chocolate for melting

On a baking sheet lay out your pretzels and place your caramels on top.

Place in pre heated oven 200C for about 3 minutes or until caramel is softened or in my case melted!

Squish the pecans into the top of the caramel (careful hot caramel can burn) then allow to cool.

*Drool* chocolateeeeee mmmmmm.  Oops sorry just a chocolate coma moment!  When the caramel is cool put some chocolate in a bowl over simmering water and melt.

On a baking sheet pour a teaspoon of the chocolate and squish the caramel into it.   If you have a little extra chocolate you can pour some over the top as well and then if you cannot restrain yourself just eat the remainder of the chocolate.
Place in the fridge to set the chocolate and then well enjoy! or give as Xmas pressies.


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